Antimodernity Manifesto

  1. Antimodernity strives to transform non-places into places.

  2. Antimodernity aspires to revert back to a push model of the Internet and along the way abolish the current pull configuration. 

  3. Antimodernity opposes modernity, postmodernity, and hypermodernity as it believes these disrupt space, time and narratives, living in a continuous ‘now.’

  4. Antimodernity rejects machine learning and any other technologies that generate swarms and predictable digital aggregates.

  5. Antimodernity propels people to move, avoid platformizind and fight prestige overfit.

  6. Antimodernity believes in intimate connections and opposes networks, flow, momentum, but also nostalgy.

  7. Antimodernity embraces the unknown, the weird, the unexpected not as something that makes you stronger, but as something that happens to you.

  8. Antimodernity actualizes legends, rituals, traditions, and general acerbic human processes into the Internet era, preserving them across multiple technological transformations.

  9. Antimodernity believes in a local Internet, with specific, local, historical, individual consequences for Internet actions. 

  10. Antimodernity recommends adhering to a low reference diet.

  11. Antimodernity attempts to stabilize history and accepts a mysterious present.

Video installation “Super Mario Clouds” by Cory Arcangel.